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Intellectual Property Protection
At Latimer Intellectual Property Law LLC, we recognize that the key value in Intellectual Property lies in its usefulness to the overall business strategy of our clients. Therefore, we strive to ensure that we closely align our legal services with our clients' business goals so that our clients can maximize the return on their Intellectual Property. Whether a large international corporation, small start-up company, or university or other non-profit institution, we tailor our legal services to fit the particular industry and individual business needs of each client.

Because we take time to thoroughly understand each client's Intellectual Property assets and its industry, we can utilize all the tools provided under U.S. and international law to their fullest extent to enable our clients' businesses to grow, and to protect such assets from illegal competition. Regardless of the nature of the business and Intellectual Property assets, we can identify which tools or combination of tools will likely best protect each client's investments in research and development and maximize the business potential.

    Our legal services relating to Intellectual Property
    protection include:

      • U.S. and foreign patent applications
      • U.S. trademark applications
      • Adversarial proceedings in the USPTO including interferences,
       inter partes patent reexamination proceedings
      • Appeals in the USPTO
      • U.S. copyright registrations

Non-contentious Intellectual Property Counseling
Our attorneys work with clients to develop a comprehensive Intellectual Property strategy uniquely tailored for each client. We analyze portfolios and devise strategies to maximize each client's Intellectual Property. We further counsel clients on Intellectual Property rights and their use in business strategies to aid in achieving the client's business goals in a safe and secure manner. We constantly focus on ways to protect, strengthen, and exploit the profitability of each client's Intellectual Property assets. Applying our knowledge of patent law and our technical expertise, we render legal opinions on patent matters that clients can rely on in making their business decisions.

    Our Non-contentious Intellectual Property Counseling
    Services include:

      • Freedom to operate investigations and opinions
      • Patent portfolio assessment and management
      • Negotiation and drafting of licensing agreements
      • Due diligence investigations
      • General counseling on IP law

Prelitigation Patent Consulting Services
Parties anticipating being a participant in patent litigation, whether as a plaintiff or defendant, need to investigate as early as possible the scope, validity, and enforceability of the patent rights likely to be asserted in the litigation. With years of experience in analyzing patent rights for purposes of litigation, we have the expertise to assist clients in investigating and analyzing patent rights in preparation for potential litigation.

    Our Pre-Litigation Consulting Services include:
      • Opinions of Counsel on patent infringement, invalidity,
        and enforceability for anticipated patent litigation
      • Assistance with prefiling investigations, evaluation, and analysis
      • Counseling related to preparing or responding to
        cease-and-desist letters


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